Choosing a personal trainer has more of an impact than you may realize. With the right trainer, you are more likely to achieve your desired results, learn more about fitness, make your scheduled appointments, and actually enjoy your transformative journey. With the wrong trainer, you could set yourself up for failure before you even begin.

We had a discussion at the gym the other day with patrons and staff, and we compiled a brief list of four things everyone should consider when selecting a new personal trainer. Though they may seem obvious, they should not be taken for granted. If you go through this checklist when interviewing personal trainers, you will be on your way to building a healthy, mutually beneficial, training relationship.


 #1: Confirm credentials. At Premier Fitness, all of our personal trainers are accredited; ensuring you will receive best-in-class guidance from individuals who keep up with their continuing education. There are four major accreditation organizations in the United States— National Academy of Sports Medicine, American College of Sports Medicine, National Strength and Conditioning Association, and American Council on Exercise. When you meet with a potential personal trainer, ask about his/her accreditation. They will be more than happy to tell you about it. It also gives him/her a platform to describe his/her philosophy regarding physical fitness, and why he/she chose to receive accreditation with a particular organization. Which dovetails nicely into the next tip…

#2: Ask about coaching style. It is important to know whether a trainer’s coaching style will work for you. Ask questions— lots of them, if needed. Ultimately, you know what will motivate you to achieve fitness results. Do you respond to constantly being pushed, or would you prefer a more comforting, passive tone? Are you looking to bulk up, increase strength endurance, or rehabilitate something? Have them describe a typical session. Once you get them talking about their styles, you will be able to determine the right trainer for your needs. Our trainers are passionate about physical fitness. They will be more than happy to discuss their thoughts about personal training with you. In the end, the most important thing is to build a fortifying relationship for both you and the trainer. Take the time in the beginning to learn as much as possible.

#3: Define your goals. From the get-go, you should be upfront about your personal fitness goals. Do not hold back— let your potential trainer know everything you expect to accomplish. You are interviewing them, but they are interviewing you, too. If your goals are not well aligned with his/her approach or area of expertise, he/ she will be able to refer you to a trainer better suited to your needs. Another benefit of defining your goals during the selection process is it gives the trainer an opportunity to tell you how he/she will help you achieve results. As they outline the strategy, you will get a good feeling for their personality and professionalism, which will greatly assist you in making your decision to either work with that individual or keep looking for the right fit.

#4: Get the trainer’s schedule. This may seem ridiculously obvious, but it is extremely important: get the personal trainer’s schedule! You go through a few interviews with different trainers, and you find the perfect fit. Everything seemed to just “gel,” and you are excited to get going. There’s one problem: You can only workout in the evenings, after work, and the trainer only has mornings available. Unfortunately, you need to keep searching for a trainer that has your schedule. Even if you plan on adjusting your schedule to free up your mornings, we have news for you: it is not going to work! We have been around long enough to know that making too many changes simultaneously— like starting to workout with a personal trainer, adopting healthier habits, and adjusting your schedule— is a recipe for disaster. Added bonus of confirming schedule: planning ahead! Once you know your trainer’s schedule works with yours, go ahead and book multiple sessions. Plan your weeks and beyond. Ideally, you can set up a routine. This will help you stay focused, and you will begin to see results in no time!

Personal training is all about relationships. As with any relationship, you want to establish a solid foundation to maximize your chances for success. The preceding tips are designed to help you establish and build upon a prosperous relationship with your personal trainer. At Premier Fitness, we are determined to help you achieve the results you want in a nurturing environment with like-minded individuals. Not to mention, you should have some fun along the way!