The proverbial tenant of fitness breaking down into 80% diet and 20% exercise calculates the degree to which planning is part of your work out. If your aim is a well-rounded exercise regimen, consuming the right foods are the best possible way to sustain and energize your body conditioning. Superfoods are densely nutritious and potent foods regarded as particularly beneficial to overall health and well-being. Here are five superfoods with proven efficiency in providing you with the nutritive boosts you need.

#1: Chia Seeds

With double the protein of other seeds and grains, double the potassium of bananas, and quadruple the calcium of milk, chia seeds are an integral unit of sustenance for any fitness enthusiast. This superfood prevents dehydration by enabling water retention within your body, and it is packed with omega-3s, zinc, and iron. All of the many nutrients contained in just one tablespoon of these seeds is enough to fuel everything from your heart and muscle tissue growth to your nervous system.

#2: Spirulina

The powder extract of a blue green algae, Spirulina is a prime source of protein, iron, and a large volume of essential vitamins, such as K1, K2, A, and B12. The nutrients are densely packed in Spirulina— you can get a complete daily serving with just a single teaspoon of powder. The combination of vitamins delivers oxygen through a healthy flow directly into the bloodstream to sustain you throughout a rigorous exercise regimen. It is definitely one of the richest forms of fuel around.

#3: Salmon

Muscle growth is central to the bodybuilder’s workout, and a complete protein, such as fish, is a primary way of fulfilling these needs. Teeming with nutritive omega-3s, Salmon helps keep the joints lubricated, ensuring that each lift you execute is optimally supported. As a secondary and tertiary benefit to bodybuilders, the omega-3 fatty acid are also linked to cardiological health and maintaining memory as you age.

#4: Maca

The Peruvian plant native to the Andes is an incredibly potent source of amino acids in just one tablespoon. This compact form of protein is the perfect amount to provide you with the muscle growth results you strive to reach. Maca aides in adrenal function to supply an energy surplus will power you through your workout with a lengthy flow of natural energy. However, unlike caffeine, it is not categorized as a stimulant, but is classified as an adaptogen. This means it won’t keep you up all night or drag you down with the crash following its burst of energy. Rather, it adapts to your body’s needs to help maintain your systems’ equilibrium.

#5 Quinoa

A steady source of protein, fiber, B, C, and E vitamins. Its constitution comprises all ten essential amino acids that help rebuild your muscle tissue after the strain of weightlifting, making it an ideal pre and post-workout meal. With a mere 300 calories per half cup and, its substantial ability to maintain your core system, quinoa beats out any other grain as a nutritive fuel.


These are just some of the superfoods that will keep you running optimally for the duration of your workout. You may want to try incorporating one of these at a time to take notice of its energizing effects in your daily routine. Here at Premier, fitness is our passion, and we hope these recommendations will enable you to reach the fitness goals you’re after.