Premier Fitness’s Newport Beach personal trainer is highly knowledgeable about training plans that optimize a person’s physical fitness. A program would generally consist of cardiovascular work outs, strength training and proper nutrition.

Cardiovascular training is an important component of exercise because it enhances the body’s resistance and promotes numerous health benefits. Exercising releases endorphins that increase energy levels. Cardio workouts also promote better circulation, which improves distribution of nutrients to cells, allowing the body to function efficiently. Cardio exercises burn the most calories and promote weight loss.

Rapid metabolism brought about by cardio work outs can also weaken muscle tissue. This is why it is important to complement cardio exercises with strength training. Developed muscles not only make a person stronger, it also increases the basal metabolic rate. This means a person burns more calories even in an inactive state.

Diligent exercising loses its benefits and purpose with poor nutrition. To keep the weight off and to maintain health, exercise must be paired with a balanced and healthy diet. A Newport Beach personal trainer can educate a client about nutrition guidelines and healthy eating habits.