The Founder of Premier Fitness Personal Training 2.0

Dr. Sean Clark is the proud owner of Premier Fitness. Sean is more than a Chiropractor—he promotes healthy living and overall wellness, by strongly believing in the importance of eating well and physical fitness coupled with chiropractic sessions. He’s a personal trainer and chiropractor who is committed to helping clients realize their health and fitness goals.

Premier Fitness was originally founded by his father 16 years ago, designed to offer cutting edge equipment and services in a family oriented atmosphere. Still honoring that value even today, the facility provides a private personal training environment and firmly believes that privacy and comfort are the key ingredients that promote a client’s success. To help maximize results, the facility doesn’t offer gym memberships or large group training sessions which means no crowds, no wait times, and a distraction free environment. They do offer small group training sessions and provide state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the safety of all patrons and trainers. For your convenience and comfort, full bathrooms are in the facility with well-appointed amenities.

The facility is open to the trainers 7 days a week and almost 24 hours a day, so if clients want to get a weekend session in or can’t meet until later in the evenings, Premier Fitness has someone available whose schedule will match.

Premier Fitness is the sister company to Premier Chiropractic Medicine, which focuses on the spine and the effect it has on a person’s body. Many of the common day issues we have in life (migraines, lower back pain, sore knees, insomnia) can all be traced back to being out of alignment. If a client is interested in having an assessment, Dr. Clark is always available for it.

Why Us?

Our Trainers are



At Premier Fitness, our certified personal trainers specialize in a variety of disciplines, giving you options for achieving your fitness goals. Most training facilities focus on a particular fitness system.  It is our belief that providing choices will keep you committed to pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Consistency and adaptability have been our guiding principles for over fifteen years, and they continue to make Premier Fitness the success it is today.  


Through a custom designed resistance training program, we will help you firm up your body to get that muscle definition and shape you are seeking.  

Circuit training

Build strength and muscle endurance through exhilarating, high-intensity circuit training routines that target complete body fitness.

Indoor cycling reflex

Chart a course for adventure on challenging, scenic bike trails without leaving Orange County when you take a virtual ride on our sophisticated MyBike machines.

Individual training

Stay motivated, get disciplined, and accept accountability for getting and staying in shape with the guidance of a personal trainer.

At Premier Fitness

We want everyone to realize the benefits of healthy living. Whether you are a fitness expert or just getting started on your personal transformation, we are committed to helping you attain your fitness goals. Inquire and learn how we can help you develop exhilarating workouts, stay motivated, monitor progress, and achieve results with the guidance of a personal trainer.